Foundation Program

SCAE Green Coffee Foundation and SCAE Sensory Skills Foundation

Discover the coffee value chain

Welcome to the SCAE Green Coffee & SCAE Sensory skills program, where you learn how coffee is grown, processed, stored, and arrival to roastery. In addition you will learn how we percieve what we taste and its application in evaluating flavour characteristics of coffee.


Approx. 6 Weeks

Skill Level

Beginner Level

Available Sessions

Morning: 8 - 12PM

Afternoon: 1 - 5PM

SCAE Course Modules

Introduction to Coffee
Green Coffee Foundation
Sensory Skills Foundation

What is included in the course

  • Beanstitute Membership
  • Three SCAE Diplomas
  • Beanstitute Green Coffee Diploma
  • Beanstitute Sensory Skills Foundation Diploma
  • 4 hours of free access of our coffee lab
  • Coffee will be provided