Welcome to our Professional program! This is the skilled level for those who want to persue specialist knowledge in their field of work.

About this course

This bundle is suitable for those working in the industry with extensive experience. This program tests the advanced skills and skilled knowledge as expected from a professional.


Approx. 6 Weeks

Skill Level

Expert Level

Available Sessions

Morning & Afternoon

What is included in the course

  • Beanstitute Membership
  • Beanstitute Professional Diploma
  • 4 hours of free access of our coffee lab

What you will learn

  • Advanced Espresso
  • Cafe Operations, Customer Service
  • Milk Chemistry, Latte Art, Equipment Maintenance
  • coffee botany & Farm management
  • Identification of cup defects
  • Analysis of sample green & roasted coffee for quality & defects
  • Know the science background
  • Mastering the preparation protocol
  • Setting up sensory facilities
  • Charting by-pass and investigating its effect on flavour
  • Effect of temperatures on coffee brewing
  • Investigating the effect of grind particle size

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